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"Goosebumps" (from January/February 2018 Issue)
here's to a new year, and your chance to make it memorable

"Paradise: Forging New Paths" (from November/December 2017 Issue)
wherever we find ourselves, running leads us to special places

"Running Into History" (from September/October 2017 Issue)
celebrating oklahoma's fall classic

"Critical Comrade" (from July/August 2017 Issue)
finding strength in numbers

"Spinning Your Wheels" (from May/June 2017 Issue)
looking for adventure? experience bicycle bliss

"Seeds of Hope" (from March/April 2017 Issue)
a simple old tree urges us to endure and overcome adversity

"The Sum of 365" (from January/February 2017 Issue)
welcome to the new year, a world filled with second chances

"Paved Prestige" (from November/December 2016 Issue)
the appeal of a fabled highway comes to life each November

"No Goggles, No Problem" (from September/October 2016 Issue)
start where you are, use what you can

"Perfection?" (from July /August 2016 Issue)
discovering the reason why pencils have erasers

"Pushing Through" (from May / June 2016 Issue)
making unexpected roadblocks a thing of the past

"The Pool" (from March / April 2016 Issue)
memorial marathon offers miles of reflection

"Frozen In Time" (from January / February 2016 Issue)
a fresh start, a memorable journey

"The Finishing Touch" (from November / December 2015 Issue)
gold and chrome, grace and beauty

"Digging Deep" (from September / October 2015 Issue)
where do you turn when motivation is low?

"A Multisport Pilgrimage" (from July / August 2015 Issue)
140.6? count me in

"Taking The Cake" (from May / June 2015 Issue)
the taste is like no other, the experience is revolutionary

"Beyond The Storm" (from March / April 2015 Issue)
dark clouds could not dampen the spirit of the memorial marathon

"Speed Bumps" (from January / February 2015 Issue)
obstacles are inevitable; how will you respond?

"Crashing Waves, Lively Miles" (from November / December 2014 Issue)
wherever we find ourselves, running leads us to special places

"Fearless?" (from September / October 2014 Issue)
fear is a big bully; stand up and call its bluff.

"Diving In" (from July / August 2014 Issue)
if not now, then when?

"Your First Rodeo?" (from May / June 2014 Issue)
looking for adventure? it can always be found on two wheels.

"The Rite of Spring: Celebrating Life!" (from March / April 2014 Issue)
time to plan your race schedule, warmer weather is here

"Frozen Frenzy" (from January / February 2014 Issue)
there's nothing quite like bunny slope bliss

"The Spirit of Route 66" (from November / December 2013 Issue)
the appeal of a fabled highway comes to life each november

"Deep Roots" (from March / April 2013 Issue)
that simple old tree has taught us a few things about endurance

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