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The Race Before Us | Oklahoma Sports & Fitness, July / August 2014 Issue

You run from the beach into the murky unknown, surrounded by the chaotic mess of flailing arms and splashing legs. Who forgot to paint that black stripe at the bottom of the lake? Where are those nice little tiles that help you gauge your speed? Nevermind that -- why can’t you see your own hand in front of your face?! Congratulations, you’re doing your first open water swim.

Numerous elements of triathlon make it unique to any other sport. Besides asking its participants to compete in three disciplines instead of just one, it requires an adequate amount of courage. Before a triathlete can settle into a cozy ride or a familiar run to the finish, they must conquer that large obstacle of water staring them sternly in the face.

Experienced triathletes can offer countless stories of their battles in the murky depths. Many can recall the brutal waves that drove them back to shore, the time they had their goggles violently removed by another swimmer's kick, or their first panic attack just a few yards away from the shore.

But most who have conquered the open water swim will attest: the personal rewards at the opposite shore far outweigh the struggles in the water.

In this issue, we celebrate the tenth annual Redman Triathlon, a premier full and half distance triathlon right here in Oklahoma. Each September, the event draws hundreds who have dedicated months of training to accomplish their own personal goals. It is an opportunity to experience a top-notch triathlon on a flat and fast course, well-supported by volunteers and race spectators.

Sure, training for a triathlon is a prerequisite – but it can never replace the challenges and victories of race day. This is what Redman is all about. At the end of the day, the murky waters of the morning are trivial compared to the tremendous sense of accomplishment at the finish line.

Sean M. Call, Publisher/Editor
Oklahoma Sports & Fitness

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