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WMA Age-Grading Calculator

This calculator uses the 2006 World Master Athletics Age-grading factors.

Select the event (or enter the distance), enter your details and results, then press Age-grade to lookup the World Master Athletics (WMA) factor. This factor is used to calculate an age-graded result, which can be compared with athletes of different ages.

Also shown are the Open and age-graded standards set by WMA, and from these, your age-performance as a % of the Age standard is calculated. This can now be compared between different events.

pssing Result will calculate your result for a given age-performance - e.g. use your age-performance in one event to pdict a different event or the same event at a different age.

Times can be entered as hh:mm:ss.dd - if no colon is supplied it will be taken as seconds; only one colon will be interpted as mm:ss. The decimal seconds (dd) are not required. Distances and heights can be entered in metres, with or without decimal places.


miles km

Your Result
Age: Sex: M F Time/distance/height: Dec pts:

Factor: Age-graded result: Dec pts:
Open std: Age std: Age-performance %:

Example Results:                  

A 53 year old man runs a 5K race in 23:10.  From the Male Age-Graded Tables for 5K road racing, the factor for men 53 years old is 0.8536.     

Multiply 23:10 by 0.8536 to get 19:47.   (Note: Convert to seconds, multiply by the WMA factor, then convert back to MM:SS.)
This man’s Age Graded time for 5K is 19:47. The world record for 5K is 12:37. 

In comparing this time to the world record: 12:37 / 19:47 X 100% = 63.8%
This man’s Age Graded performance is 63.8% of the world standard for this distance.

Relative Standard Indicator:

>100% = World record level

> 90% = World class

> 80% = National class

> 70% = Regional class

Male and Female performances can be compared using the percentage of their respective world standards.

To utilize the previous 1994 WAVA calculator, click here.

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