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The Race Before Us | Oklahoma Sports & Fitness, November/December 2014 Issue

It has become my personal tradition to enjoy a full week of early morning beach runs during family vacation. One of my only goals on these runs is to be among the first to make it to the water’s edge, becoming a prized recipient of the solitary sounds of the crashing waves. And just as I settle into a manageable pace, the sun fights its way through the darkness -- promising another day of laughter, body boarding, castle building, and shell-finding memories to tuck away for a lifetime.

One of these mornings, there was a noticeable bite in the air as a rare fog covered the foamy waters. And while there are limited oceans in Oklahoma, it reminded me of crisp fall morning runs back home.

It reminded me that regardless of where your run takes place, there is always the opportunity to experience a healthy retreat from the daily grind. We all have the same opportunity each day to move our body and separate from nine-to-five pains. It is both the perfect time for solitary thought and the perfect time to connect with others on a similar life journey. The great thing about running with friends: not only will they spur you on if you are struggling, but the shared effort always gives your endorphins an extra boost.

Of course, the best part about consistent running or walking (no matter where you are) is reaping the benefits – celebrating your progress at quality, well-organized events. It is no mystery to us that over the past twenty years, every year except 2003 has seen record highs in the number of running event finishers in the U.S. Even more remarkable, just over 61% of these participants in 2013 were women, an all-time high. Right here in Oklahoma, we witness the growth of the running community, which bucks the trend of poor health rankings within our state. We are thankful that more race directors continue to focus on producing quality and creative events for us into 2015.

On the beach or on the river trails, alone with your thoughts or with your friends, it pays to become intentional about running consistently. Don’t forget the best part: be present at the start line, and finish 2014 with abundant celebration!

Sean M. Call, Publisher/Editor
Oklahoma Sports & Fitness

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