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Sean Call, Publisher

I am continually amazed by the incredible ability of many Oklahoma athletes, who year-after-year put up amazing times and elite statistics for us to ponder. However, I am just as inspired by the everyday working person, who gains a new life perspective from getting off the couch, discovering an active lifestyle, or taking on a new fitness pursuit.

From the publication's beginning 39 years ago under the title of "Oklahoma Runner", we’ve seen the magazine grow into a regional print and digital publication, now serving close to 18,000 readers with each issue. Oklahoma Sports & Fitness now brings together the best of two worlds – competitive endurance sports and pure outdoor recreation. Whether you’re lacing up for your first 5K, are a seasoned Ironman triathlete, enjoy weekends at a local campground, climb, ride or just enjoy being fit and exploring Oklahoma’s great outdoors, Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine is for you. You can pick up your issue of Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine at various fitness clubs, specialty sport retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, and sports medicine clinics across the region – or you can subscribe online and get the publication mailed directly to your home or office. o

Our website is a hub for anyone interested in the region's endurance sport and fitness scene. Take some time and explore the site. We host the region’s largest endurance sports and outdoor event calendar, a valuable resource for anyone interested in participating in events like marathons, 5K runs, triathlons, duathlons, adventure races, cycling tours, crossfit competitions and more! With over 15 different event categories, you’re sure to find something to suit your interests.

Oklahoma Sports & Fitness is as much about sports and recreation as it is about our community. We depend on our readers for their feedback, energy and enthusiasm! It keeps us motivated and talking about the subjects and people that interest you. We encourage you to submit your feedback to us and tell us what topics you'd like to see us pursue.

Thank you for taking the time to visit oksportsandfitness.com. Enjoy the site and the magazine!

Sean Call, Publisher
Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine

The Race Before Us: Editorial Collection

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