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Full Body Ignition: Breakthrough with Kate MacDonald

This total body workout is great for anyone looking to improve explosive strength in their upper and lower body and overall fitness level.

Balance and Power: A Mini Cross Training Workout for Runners

Allow your muscles to respond better on your next run, and surprise yourself at the next race. Incorporate power and balance movements in your training.

Helpful Hip Flexor Stretches and Exercises

Runners often experience tight hip flexors which can hamper their performance and lead to inury. Include these active stretches and simple exercises into your routine to improve hip flexor mobility and strength.

Simple Movements for Runners to Improve Overall Strength and Power

Further recruit your core and muscles of the upper body by adding these simple movements in your strength training routine.

"On Your Mark" Radio Interview:
Danny Stephens, Personal Trainer, Sky Fitness & Wellbeing (Strength Training For Runners, Medical Exercise) Listen

"On Your Mark" Radio Interview:
Philip Nation, Personal Trainer, Sky Fitness & Wellbeing (Training Methods, Stability, Program Strategy) Listen

The Triathlete's Bodyweight Power Circuit

Top 5 Benefits of Pool Training For Athletes

How Does Sitting Affect Your Running?
(by Danny Dreyer, ChiRunning)

The Big 3: Strength Training For Runners

Pushing Through A Killer Workout: Mental Tricks and Tips

TRX Functional Strength / Speed Circuit
(by Alana Yates, AAHFRP, MES, ACE-CPT, okathletes.com)

High Intensity Interval Training vs. High Intensity Training
(by Danny Stephens, MES, okathletes.com)

Marathon Training: The Art of the Final Weeks
Ten Tips to a Terrific Taper

Five Quick Exercises To Prep Your Body (by Alana Yates, AAHFRP, MES, ACE-CPT, okathletes.com)

External Crutches Lead to Internal Problems (by Danny Stephens, MES, okathletes.com)

On The Road: Sticking to Your Training (by Brett Andrews, okathletes.com)

Crying Kids and Painful Knees (by Danny Stephens, MES, okathletes.com)

Magic Movement: The Key to a Not-So-Lame Training Program (Jan/Feb 2013 Issue) (by Philip Nation, NASM, CPT)

Got Chi? A Mindful Approach To Running (Sept/Oct 2012 Issue)

Triathlon Training: Race Day Prepared (July/August 2012 Issue)

The Need For Speed: Start Running Faster, Become Stronger, and Improve Your Race Times

Under Pressure: Stress Management for the Athlete

Pull-Ups: The Key to a Bigger, Stronger Upper Body (by Philip Nation, nationtraining.com)

Is Group Training Best? (by Barb Sherwood and Wesley Johnson)

Sleep Your Way to a Better Race Time (by Robert Portman, Ph.D.)

Breakthrough Cardio! (by Philip Nation, nationtraining.com)

Winter Fitness Halts Winter Blues

The Proven Benefits of Lunchtime Workouts

Fitness on the Fly: Conquering Travel Woes, From Forbes.com

Good Timing? Discover the Best Time of Day to Exercise

Got Slouch? Try These Tips for Sitting Up Straight and Improving Your Posture...

Proven Benefits of Lunchtime Workouts

Chin-Ups Spell Results (by Philip Nation, nationtraining.com)

Budget-FrIendly and Boot Camp-Style Workouts Among Most Popular Fitness Trends (The American Council on Exercise (ACE))

Common Injuries Stem From Overlooking Two Basics (from www.wholefitness.com)

Exercise as a Cure for Fatigue and to Boost Energy Levels (The American Council on Exercise (ACE))

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