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Another OKS&F Favorite Snack!

The Incredible Strawberry Sandwich

Ingredients (2 servings)

1 slice Mestemacher or other dense three-grain bread (equal to 130 calories)

6 strawberries, sliced

4 teaspoons farmer cheese

1 teaspoon honey



Place the dense bread on a plate.

Spread farmer cheese on the bread.

Top evenly with strawberry slices.

Drizzle with honey (black pepper optional)

Cut into quarters and enjoy!


Nutritional Information (1 serving)

Calories: 104

Calories from fat: 18

Fat: 1.9 g

Saturated fat: 0.5 g

Cholesterol: .3 mg


Sodium: 236 mg

Carbohydrates: 18 g

Protein: 3.9 g

Fiber: 3.7 g


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