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( BOOK REVIEW : ( Soccer nutrition book is just what this chef ordered(

Food Guide for Soccer: Tips & Recipes from the Pros

This handy "how to" food guide addresses the nutrition questions and
concerns of soccer athletes of all ages and abilities to help them reach
their goals with energy to spare.
· What should I eat before a game?
· What about sports drinks?
· How much protein should I eat?

Food Guide for Soccer: Tips & Recipes from the Pros will answer those
questions-plus others. The easy-to-read book offers practical tips,
debunks nutrition myths, and is a simple "how to" resource for soccer
players, their coaches and parents. The book also includes 70 recipes
and numerous food tips from professional soccer players with Women's
Professional Soccer.

About the authors
Nancy Clark MS RD, a trusted and internationally respected sports
nutritionist is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics,
counsels both casual exercisers and competitive athletes in her private
practice at Healthworks in Chestnut Hill, MA. She specializes in
nutrition for performance and weight management.

Gloria Averbuch is an award-winning author of 12 previous books on
sports, soccer, health and fitness, several of which have been
translated into various languages. Averbuch is the Director of Public
Relations/Marketing for Sky Blue FC, one of the seven founding
franchises of Women's Professional Soccer.


By Joy Rubenstein( - BigAppleSoccer.com Writer

If you have children who play a sport, if you play a sport yourself or if you are interested in diet and nutrition, you should read the new book, "Food Guide For Soccer," by Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark. It is a comprehensive, yet easy to read guide to how best use food to deliver maximum performance.( ( Notice that I said FOOD! Sports drinks, and supplements were not encouraged. Wiser and less expensive alternatives were given that will do the same purpose.( ( Averbuch, as a soccer mom herself, and is director of public relations and marketing for Sky Blue FC. She showed herself to be aware of all the circumstances that athletes and the families of athletes might find themselves subject to.( ( What to eat when you need to rush out of the house to practice in the morning. What to eat and drink before, during and after practice or a game. How to manage your meals on the road. There are many tips that are worth the price of the book ($18.95 suggested retail price).( (

Nancy Clark, MS RD, is a sports nutritionist. She is a nutrition consultant to the Boston Breakers of the Women's Professional Soccer.( ( Averbuch and Clark explained in a very understandable way how the foods that we do or don't eat impact our athletic performance.( ( There is a section of recipes by WPS players that will make your mouth water.( ( I was particularly impressed by the section on eating disorders that may pop up in athletes who feel that "thinner is better."

I also liked the stand that the authors take on engineered food. In this age of sports drinks, protein bars and energy drinks, it is good to see people who advocate actual food as being better than vitamins, supplements and foods and drinks that have been invented by some science lab.( ( As a personal chef, as a mother, and as the wife of a diabetic, I heartily urge everyone who is interested in feeding themselves or their family in a healthful and sensible way to read this book. I'm glad that sanity has a place in sports nutrition.

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