WAVA Age Grading Calculator

"Age-Graded" results are calculated using tables developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes (the world governing body for masters track and field, long distance running and race walking). These tables were first published in 1989 and were updated in 1994. Our calculator below incorporates these tables and can be used in two ways: To compare your time to a standard for your sex and age and determine your Performance Level Percent. Enjoy!

1: Select Race Distance
2: Enter your Age at the time of the Race
3: Select Male/Female
4: Enter your actual race time
5: Press compute for your WAVA age-graded time.

Distance Age Gender Enter Actual
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Congratulations! You scored a WAVA percentage of:
The WAVA baseline time for your age is:
Your time compares to a 25yr old runner running a:

Your percentages can be interpreted as follows:

100% = Approximate World-Record Level
Over 90% = World Class
Over 80% = National Class
Over 70% = Regional Class
Over 60% = Local Class